Looking After Your Face During Lockdown

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Daily and weekly routine.

Twice Daily: Cleanse your face AM and PM. After cleansing your face tone with an alcohol - free toner to seal in natural moisture. Apply your serum morning or night, follow with eye cream and moisture.

Once Daily: When out and about during the day apply a sunscreen. Remove makeup at night-time.
Use an anti-ageing serum/ cream before going to bed.

Your Weekly: Exfoliation gets rid of dry, dead skin cells. Use a facial scrub designed for your skin type. Put on a face mask once weekly to brighten or hydrate your complexion and refine your skin.
A facial leave your skin feeling smooth and looking bright.

Products you can use for your facial PatsyB Products:

Grapefruit Cleanser

Rose Aloe Toner

Pro-age Eye Cream

Marula Oil Facial Serum

Vitamin ACE Facial Serum

Vitamin ACE Moisturiser

Skin Rejuvenating Night Cream

Green Tea Face Mask

Black Clay and liquorice Mask




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