PatsyB Aromatherapy Muscle-ese Pulse Point and my Pain in the Neck

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PatsyB Aromatherapy Muscle-eze Pulse Point 10ml

Pain in the Neck

For more than 6 months, I have suffered with a PAIN in the NECK that goes down into my shoulders and is very uncomfortable while working.

Liquid Ibuprofen

I started off by rubbing in liquid ibuprofen this worked great and got rid of the pain no problem. The more I used the liquid ibuprofen the more I thought about the amount of chemical I was putting into my neck. I was using liquid ibuprofen 2 x per day, I had been doing so for quite a few months now and didn’t want to keep doing  this for much longer.

Muscle-eze Pulse Point

While dusting my products I could see the Muscle-eze Pulse Point looking at me, some time we forget what we have around us even when it’s looking you in the face.

Neck Massage

I sat down that evening and rolled the pulse point down either side of my neck and down and around my shoulder. I them massage the essentials oils from the pulse point into my neck for a few minutes not only was it relaxing but I could feel the pain slowly draining away.

The pain has not totally gone, I don’t think it will every really go away but I do feel so much better using the muscle -eze with all its essential oils that the liquid ibuprofen and all its chemicals.

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