PatsyB Beauty Products Marula Oil Facial Serum 50ml

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Marula Oli Facial Serum 50ml

Natural Fragrance: Frankincense, Rose Damask, Rose Geranium

This natural facial serum contains a blend of Marula and Apricot oils that help reduce the appearance of wrinkles resulting in younger more radiant skin. Marula oil contains natural sources of Vitamin C and E as well as a range of essential amino acids that revitalise and renew skin cells. The combination of oils keep the skin hydrated for longer giving the skin a healthy radiant glow.

Direction For Use:

Wipe face lightly with a warm moist towel. Gently dab serum onto cleansed skin and blend in until fully absorbed. Gently tap skin with the fingertips to encourage oil to penetrate to the deepest layers.

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