This Sunday Morning Facial Routine.

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This Sunday Morning Facial Routine.

After applying the PatsyB Grapefruit Cleanser to my face and neck, I used a scrummi waffle towel to wash and remove the cleanser. I dry my face and neck with the scrummi towel before applying the PatsyB Green Tea Clay Face Mask.

 This is a clay base mask that will not dry on the skin, it contains Cucumber, Watermelon and Apple extracts.

After applying the mask to my face, I could fell a nice little tingle on my skin this mask is rich and creamy infused with green tea that draws out the impurities and excess oils from the skin.

 This leaves my skin feeling fresh and healthy; it help reduces the signs of premature ageing by improving the elasticity of my skin.

Why not add one of these products into your morning or weekly facial routine.


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